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The Ojibway believe every animal has his own individual gifts and unique talents and powers. 

Animals were chosen as personal totems by one who hoped to gain an animals' special powers through emulating that animals' behavior and characteristics.

Animals have the ability to sense changes of the world, seasonal changes and the coming of things.  Man does not have this pre-knowledge.



HI. We've all been working our fingers to the bone (believe it!) at our small studio here in the woods, creating hand-carved, limited edition Ojibway inspired sculptural pieces aptly called MANITOUS.  Over the years we have sold our work through many fine galleries across the country, including Disney World and many National Parks Hand carved and assembled from local basswood,  and individually hand painted, each piece is one of an edition of 100, and is numbered, dated, and signed by the artists...that would be me and my wonderful son, Tanner.  The Manitous are approximately 21 inches tall.  Because each piece is individually hand made, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Each has it's own individual characteristics and personality. From an Animistic view, one could say the Manitou sculpture itself is alive with awareness and it's own breed of intelligence!

MANITOU it is the Ojibway (or Chippewa) word for Spirit or Mystery.  As the Great Spirit manifests itself in myriad forms, each unique manifestation, including plant, animal and mineral, is endowed with and inseparable from this Spirit.  Also, MANITOU can be interpreted as meaning "MAGIC" or "Medicine", in the sense that some people, places, objects, etc. seem to possess a greater concentration of this spirit (or creative energy) than others, such as a sacred ritual object or a favorite seashell.  It is akin to the reservoir of concentrated essence or power that is referred to as 'Mana' in some pagan European cultures, and is believed to pervade the whole world. A Manitou may also be an actual spirit entity (inorganic being?) whom on occasion will take on a physical (human or animal) form in order to teach us foolish people a lesson. Thus, "Little Spirits" and the inspiration for our pieces.   The term MANITOU is also synonymous with the word FAERIE. Of a different continent, culture and language, both refer to the hidden world behind this one, the denizens of that world, and the magic and mischief they wrought in our world. If an object could be said to express the 'genus loci' or intelligence and memories of a place, the Manitous are very definitely 'Minnesota'. I guess I'd imagined I was channeling and condensing the energy of my immediate and present environment, and the Manitous sprang up organically like mushrooms after a rain. If you would like to know more about us, go to our About Us page!  For more on Totems and the nature of animals, go to the Lore page.



Gitche Manitou - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term manitou refers to the concept of one aspect of the interconnection and balance of nature/life, similar to the East Asian concept of qi; in simpler terms it can refer to a spirit. This spirit is seen as a person as well as a concept. Everything has its own manitou— every plant, every stone and, since their invention, even machines. These manitous do not exist in a hierarchy like European gods/goddesses, but are more akin to one part of the body interacting with another and the spirit of everything; the collective is named Gitche Manitou.

Gitche Manitou is also known as the Great Mystery.


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